Finding the perfect Point of Sale system is an impossible task because there is no such thing as the perfect POS system. Everything has its flaws and we all have to accept that. However, Here at webdevz we judge POS systems on a few features depending on the type of Business you are running. So in this small piece we would like to share our opinion in Aldelo POS and you can judge if it is the right system for you.

Lets begin with the Cons
1) Aldelo is not good for gage operations. If you need 10 systems or more in you location than this system will be a nightmare
2) Aldelo runs on Microsoft Access and limits the type of network you use.
3) Aldelo has small glitches that you must learn so you don’t have to call support every time. (These glitches will never be fixed).

So if you plan to get Aldelo make sure you pay extra for some training and ask about common issues and glitches. If you learn the issues you can avoid many problems

Now let me tell you why most of my sales were in Aldelo  and give you some positive points
1) Aldelo is Super Easy to use
2) Aldelo makes sense to most restaurant owners
3) Aldelo has a retail mode which is actually very good especially for small grocery stores
4) you can buy a one time Aldelo license and avoid monthly costs
5) There is so much support for Aldelo available, with over 200 resellers nationwide you can easily find someone that can help you.

If you need to get a system or you are exploring some options, please call or text 212 951 1893


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