For a very long time at webdevz we wanted a way to digitally sign contracts. No one likes the hassle of printing multiple copies, signing , scanning and emailing. It really is a very redundant process. So we sat with the team here and discussed options, after all we were using Docusign but it also had many steps and the it involved a bit of a hassle. So we decided to integrate a contract that is web based, legally binding, and super easy to use. We basically just had to put in the contract once and we never had to touch it again.  These were the benefits : Our sales people can get contracts signed by logging on to the site from their phone or tablet.

  • The client gets a copy of his contract as soon as he signs.
  • The date and the remote Ip is recorded so you can geolocate the place and time of signing
  • Password protection on all Contract pages
  • No Monthly Fees.

Our main website is a WordPress site, and many people are using WordPress so we created this solution that saved us time and money.
If you are using Docusign or any other E-Sign Product than you may be paying too much for that service, get it integrated with your site for a one time fee and lower your monthly bills.

Take a look at the video below and see how much easier it is,



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